Time Management for Less Stress and More Joy
Mon 07/23-07/30 12:00 pm-1:00 pm
Instructor: Laura Becker-Lewke
Location: Center for Clinical Sciences Research (CCSR), Rm 4107
BeWell Berry

Whether it’s trying to get to the gym, preparing and eating more vegetables, or doing the important things that add value to your life, too often, our good intentions get thwarted by time. Stress builds – it seems exponentially – the shorter we feel on time.

In this 2-week class, we will come together to share the challenges we face in connection with stress and time. You will learn about recent research findings on stress and time management, review relevant books, and create a “time diary”. Within a small collaborative community, you will learn to rethink time management, and to create a new approach, one with less stress and greater margins for joy.

Instructor: Laura Becker Lewke, LLB, MBA, is a lawyer, businesswoman, mother of four children, and longterm caregiver for her mother who experienced a life-changing stroke. Laura is now a BeWell coach at Stanford, and development professional with Hope Unlimited for Children. She is an experienced facilitator of small groups of many types – and a great believer in learning interactively and collaboratively.

Category: Healthy Living : Health Enrichment
Levels: All Levels
Fee: $60 , STAP/EA Funds: Yes
Enrollment: Current: 15   (Min: 0, Max: 18)
Class Code: tmmj-01