Personalized Stress Reduction - Patty McLucas
Tue Wed Dates/Times: NA
Instructor: Patty McLucas
Location: TBD
BeWell Berry

This 3-session personalized program is designed for people who would like to understand and learn ways to better manage the stress in their lives. Whether stress manifests as anxiety, depression, or physical agitation or illness, mindfulness practice can lead to a reduction in symptoms and an increase in quality of life. With one-on-one support in a comfortable, individualized setting, you will practice mindfulness techniques and learn strategies such as breath awareness, meditation, body scan, and gentle yoga. We will practice awareness of automatic thoughts, reframing, and connecting to the values informing the life you want to live. You will be contacted within 5 days of registration for scheduling.

Instructor: Patty McLucas, Founder of Mindful Wellness, delivers programs in Stress Reduction, Mindful Eating, Sound Sleep and Mindful Leadership Communication to senior executives and employees. A Wellness Consultant for over 20 years, Patty teaches Mindfulness Meditation for Stanford’s Cancer Supportive Care Program, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) for Stanford’s Health Improvement Program. She has taught mindfulness, meditation and stress reduction for organizations including Apple Computer and Google.


Tuesdays 2-3pm

Wednesdays 11-2pm.

Category: Healthy Living : Stress Management
Levels: All Levels
Fee: 275 , STAP/EA Funds: Yes
Enrollment: Current: 5   (Min: 0, Max: 10)
Class Code: psrp-04b