NEW CLASS: Getting in the Mood: How Diet Impacts Mental Well-being
Fri 07/20 12:00 pm-1:00 pm
Instructor: Maryam Hamidi, MSc, PhD
Location: Clark Center, Rm s361
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There is increasing evidence that nutrition is one of the major modifiable risk factors in maintaining mental health, yet there is very little knowledge in the general population about the associations between diet quality and prevalence and symptoms of depression and anxiety. Symptoms of many nutrient deficiencies often present themselves in form of mood disturbances prior to manifesting themselves physiologically (e.g iron deficiency). Improving diet quality can be one the first steps one can take to improve their mood and overall well-being.

This class will provide an overview of the existing evidence of the links between diet and anxiety and depression and provide practical food-based recommendations that may help with mental health. A handout and list of key references will be provided to participants.
You will learn:
• The major nutrients that are involved in mood regulation (e.g. iron, zinc, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids)
• How excess intake of some nutrients can contribute to poor mood (e.g. sugar, saturated fat)
• How psychological and physiological stress may increase the need for some nutrients
• How each food group contributes to intake of certain nutrients, and the recommended daily intake of each food group based on existing food-based dietary guidelines

Instructor: Maryam Hamidi, MSc, PhD, is a research professional at the Stanford Medicine WellMD Center.

Category: Healthy Living
Levels: All Levels
Fee: $30 , STAP/EA Funds: Yes
Enrollment: Current: 54   (Min: 10, Max: 60)
Class Code: dda-01